Company Mission

At a time when the border between extra virgin olive oil suppliers and bottlers is becoming imperceptible, we remain true to our identity.
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Code of Ethics

For decades, our company has been based on a clear and well-defined code of ethics.
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3 generations of
extra virgin olive oil

Adriano Fusi born in 1935 is the youngest of seven brothers: Lina the oldest, Adriana, Ornella, Gino, Mario, Fernando. Adriano was “a bump in the road”, the age difference with his older brothers was such that he was breastfed by his sister and attended middle school with his nephew Rolando. The Fusi family is of humble origins, the father Egisto is a cobbler and his children are forced to do the most disparate jobs to be able to support themselves. Adriano’s first assignment was that of fourth man at the Bonazza farm.

We bring you
extra virgin olive oil from the world

we do

Our family has been dealing for 3 generations with extra virgin olive oil and has over the years built an accurate work process to provide an excellent and high quality final product

Our suppliers pay the utmost attention to the quality of the product; our secret is to surround us with professionals in the sector.


We owe the fortune of our activity to the nature and the products of the earth, the attention for the environment has become pivotal point within our activities. The first investment was the construction of the new headquarters, maximizing the insulation with respect to the external environment, this allows us to conserve the olive oil at a constant temperature and significantly limit the consumption of electricity.