For 50 year "ONLY"
suppliers of extra virgin olive oil

At a time when the border between extra virgin olive oil suppliers and bottlers is becoming imperceptible, we remain true to our identity. Our goal is to satisfy the customer by establishing a non-competitive partnership. That’s why we’ve known our role for over 60 years, selecting oils from all over the Mediterranean to provide our interlocutors with the best blends in order to meet all their needs. We are one of the leading suppliers of extra virgin olive oil on national soil, partners of some of the largest packaging companies in Italy.

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Through the skills and tools at our disposal, in particular our team of tasters and our chemical laboratory, we try to promote continuous innovation within the oil sector. We were among the first suppliers of extra virgin olive oil to select oils outside the Italian territory, among the first to focus on new filtration systems and the first to have a fully automated warehouse to maximize precision and safety of our blends. We want to continue to innovate while remaining tied to the craftsmanship of our work, visit the production areas, shake hands to our suppliers, thoroughly study the characteristics of the oils and select them one by one.

Today, to be competitive, we can no longer be just an actor in the production chain, we cannot offer ourselves to our customers as simple suppliers of extra virgin olive oil, we must take on a consultancy role and support companies during all the critical phases of the purchase of the raw material .
What moves us, which pushes us to do better and better, to throw our hearts over the obstacle is customer satisfaction, the only focus of our business.
The success of our partners is our success.